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Conversational ticketing with IT-Connect

Helpdesk ticketing app for MSPs, purpose-built for Microsoft Teams

Turn Microsoft Teams of your users into a lightweight help desk with DeskDay IT-Connect

Let users raise and manage service desk tickets through Teams app

Ticket creation in just 3 clicks

Enable users to raise tickets within Microsoft Teams with just three clicks. Now, they don’t have to switch between the user portal and their workspace in need of IT support.

Advanced ticket management

Toggle effortlessly between Board and List views for real-time ticket oversight. Enhance user confidence with instant updates on ticket status.

Faster resolutions through chat

Your techs can communicate directly with users via chat in Teams, offering swift, personalized solutions that reduce response times.

Actionable feedback within Teams

Encourage users to provide immediate feedback within Teams. Their insights are crucial for refining support services.

Bot-assisted ticketing

Utilize bots within Teams for faster issue reporting. This enables users to create tickets faster with just a prompt.

Real-time announcements

Keep users informed with instant announcements on outages, updates, critical notices, or routine information directly within their Teams. No more ticket floods or escalations due to missed notices!

SSO integration

Simplify the login process with Single Sign-On. Users gain quick and secure access to the IT-Connect app without managing multiple passwords.

Customizable ticket templates

Provide users with a wide set of pre-designed ticket templates, each tailored to different support scenarios, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

So how can you use it?

Here’s a quick glance at how DeskDay CSA works with the IT-Connect Teams app to deliver a seamless ticketing experience for you, your tech, and your users!

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