Pulse of DeskDay

We are here for one thing bringing innovation to the next-gen MSPs and democratizing them by building a valuable IT support ecosystem for their day to day work.



Championing democratization of IT support tools for modern MSPs.






Made for MSPs by an MSP partner.

For over a decade, we've been by the side of MSPs through our parent company, WorkSent (formerly Eynetech), and have felt the struggles of handling countless tech platforms and understood the challenges faced by MSPs. It is this shared journey that gave birth to DeskDay.

For us, DeskDay isn't just a product; it's a labor of love, a testament to our passion for simplifying IT support delivery, and a reflection of the positive impact technology can have on MSPs like yours.

Our Mission

Transforming MSPs into a new era of IT support.

The MSP world has long been burdened by archaic vendor practices and limited IT support channels, and we've felt the weight of these chains. Every missed connection, every lagging tool, and every frustrated customer is a lost opportunity.  

At DeskDay, our passion goes beyond just offering a platform; it's about weaving a relationship, a bond. We’ve meticulously designed DeskDay, where AI-driven solutions and interactive chat communication become more than just tools - they're your partners in reshaping your future.

Beyond the technical aspects, we envision DeskDay as a catalyst for transformation. It's about empowering your support team to break barriers, innovate fearlessly, and create an ecosystem that nurtures growth and fosters productivity.


Building a unified ecosystem of future for MSPs.

Our Journey

Pioneering innovation, breaking voids, and crafting beyond tomorrow- a journey woven with purpose and ambition.


Birth of DeskDay

After a decade with MSPs, we didn't just gain experience – we gained insight. We saw their challenges and envisioned DeskDay as the next-gen IT support solution tailored just for them.


Dreaming Big

Countless brainstorming hours with one vision: A game-changing IT support solution exclusive to MSPs. The journey began with the idea of our chat-based Service Desk.


DeskDay Takes Shape

Our vision slowly transformed into action. And our cornerstone became a unified ecosystem, with its pioneering chat-based Service Desk leading the way.


Our Dream Team

We didn't just grow in numbers; we grew in expertise. The best in development, design, and marketing came on board, all driven by a shared mission.


Beta Launch

The future unveiled: DeskDay's Chat-Desk. A glimpse into the next era of conversational Service Desk.