Discover Quality Assurance

Smart, rule-based quality assurance system that automates ticket and project analysis, ensuring every detail meets your SLA and SOP standards.

QA Board

A dynamic, at-a-glance view of all tickets, tasks, and projects, including their current QA status, that allows for immediate assessment and rectifying action.

QA Health in Tickets, Tasks, and Projects

Experience real-time updates on rule compliance, ensuring immediate identification and correction of issues as they arise.

QA Rule

Customize and configure parameters for each ticket, task, or project, enabling a tailored and precise service delivery model.


Real-time review and feedback on tickets resolved from end-users as soon as it’s closed for advanced measures to improve CSAT score.

Excelling through intelligent quality metrics

Intelligent ticket analysis

Tickets are automatically scanned for crucial information like detailed descriptions, estimated billing hours, and SLA details based on QA rules defined by you.

Comprehensive QA health check

Techs can update tickets to correct any failed rules in QA checks. Intelligent QA re-analyzes tickets post-update, ensuring all critical details are included for effective closure.

Advanced ticket revision

Techs get real-time QA health indicators on tickets, highlighting issues such as time entry overruns, incomplete checklists, and more. This ensures adherence to SLAs and reduces revenue loss or SLA penalties.

Smart ticket insights

Intelligent QA gathers data on frequently missing information in tickets or projects, aiding you in identifying training needs or systemic issues in their ticketing or project management processes.

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