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No more manual service quality review headaches for your Helpdesk managers.

Our smart QA system gives you insights into the service desk team's performance & quality. Get notified of missing work hours, notes, SLA violations, etc.

QA Board
360-degree overview of your service desk quality

Get a dynamic overview of all your support interactions—tickets, tasks, and projects—along with their current QA statuses. This all-in-one dashboard allows you to quickly assess issues and initiate corrective actions without delay, enhancing your team's efficiency and responsiveness.

QA Rule
Benchmark service standards with custom rules

Set specific rules for each ticket, task, or project. This customization ensures that your service delivery is precisely aligned with customer expectations and project requirements, resulting in higher CSAT and fewer service discrepancies.

QA Health in Tickets, Tasks, and Projects
Proactive compliance monitoring with real-time QA

Stay on top of SLA compliance and tech performance with real-time updates on QA health across tickets, tasks, and projects. This proactive monitoring allows you to quickly identify and rectify compliance issues, ensuring that your services consistently meet quality standards.

Instant feedback loop with real-time user reviews

Capture user feedback instantly once tickets are resolved. This immediate insight into user reactions helps you swiftly address any delivery experience concerns, boosting your CSAT scores and customer loyalty.

Smartly ensure the quality of every ticket, task, project, and timesheet entry now!
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