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Timely and targeted

Designed to assist MSPs in instantly broadcasting crucial updates, outage notifications, and time-sensitive announcements across your end-users.

In-app notification
Direct delivery that cuts through the clutter

Unlike emails and text messages that can get lost in spam, Announcement ensures your notifications are always seen. Delivered directly to your end-users’ devices via the IT-Connect app, your announcements bypass the clutter and are unmissable.

Multiple channels
Flexible delivery across user-preferred platforms

For end-users who have not installed IT-Connect, notifications can still be received through email, tailored to their preferences. This multi-channel approach guarantees that all users remain in the loop regardless of their tech setup or preferences.

Selected targeting
Focused updates for the right set of users

Streamline updates with targeted announcements. Send critical updates like service outages only to your impacted users, ensuring relevant parties are informed without causing undue concern for others.

User-centric announcements, powered by analytics!

Measurable impact
Analytics-driven engagement to optimize

Critical acknowledgment metrics enable you to measure the visibility and impact of your announcements. These analytics offer valuable insights into timeliness and user engagement, facilitating more informed communication efforts.

User Responses
Response-enabled announcement for better interaction

IT-Connect enables users to respond directly to your announcements. Users can confirm receipt, request additional details, or provide feedback on updates, fostering a two-way communication channel that enhances your service and response strategies.

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