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Chat-based ticketing.

More than just support, it’s a conversation!

Conversation-led ticketing
Real-time Chat Support Powered by IT-Connect

Skip long IT support calls and email threads. Get notified of every new request from your end-users raised through IT-Connect or emails and resolve them quickly through their ticket chats.

Quick access to ticket context
Unified Ticket Window: Everything in One Place

No more toggling between multiple windows to resolve tickets. Our techs can view the entire ticket context, including its timeline and conversation history directly within the ticket window. This integration ensures a seamless resolution process.

Support where users are
Easy Multi-Channel Support from Your Service Desk

Forget being in every channel at once to deliver multichannel support. DeskDay centralizes tickets and conversations from multiple channels like IT-Connect and email so that your techs can efficiently manage these interactions directly within a single interface for concurrent ticket resolution.

A feature-packed upgrde for your Service Desk

Easy Email to Ticket Conversion

Forward user support emails to DeskDay for your tech to reply from the Service Desk which are automatically sent back as email responses.

Conversation Filters

Efficiently navigate through different conversations by categorizing them into private, public, personal, and resolution notes.

Mark resolutions in chat

Quickly access past ticket resolutions and insights from long chats by adding a 'resolution' tag to conversations.

Comprehensive Timelog

Maintain an end-to-end record of updates on customer tickets within the Timelog tab.

Time Tracking & Approvals

Quickly access past ticket resolutions and insights from long chats by adding a 'resolution' tag to conversations.

Customizable Templates

Create tickets effortlessly in just three clicks with user-friendly templates.

Checklists for Troubleshooting

Utilize checklists to streamline ticket resolution and troubleshooting steps.

Ticket Tagging for AI

Improve ticket organization and enable AI-driven processes by assigning tags for sorting and future automation.

Predefined Canned Notes

Use prewritten notes/messages for efficient and consistent communication with users.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for Enhanced Security

Enhance security and protect data with multi-factor authentication.

Notes & Time

Update work time with detailed notes for accurate resource tracking, work monitoring, and customer billing.

Archiving Option to Restore Deleted Tickets

Prevent data loss by easily restoring deleted tickets from archives.

Creation of Child Tickets

Organize complex issues by linking similar tickets or generating sub-tickets.

Merging Duplicate Tickets

Improve accuracy and visibility by merging duplicate tickets.

Product & Expenses

Add related products and expenses to respective tickets to bill your customers accordingly.

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