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Keeps users connected anywhere

Know your helpdesk numbers in real-time to make data-driven decisions without a headache.

Central dashboard
One dashboard to view them all

The overwhelm from juggling multiple tools and reports can make you lose sight of what's important. Our unified dashboard cuts through the noise, offering you a concise snapshot of key metrics across your PSA.

Service Efficiency Insights
Unlock peak performance with efficiency insights

Tired of the trial and error in streamlining operations? Assess holistic reports on service delivery to pinpoint areas for improvement. By identifying inefficiencies, you can streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase the overall quality of service, leading to higher client retention rates.

Profit Insights
See your revenue soar through profit insights

Analyze the profitability of services or customers to fine-tune your strategy. Understanding which services or customers are most profitable enables you to allocate efforts and resources strategically, maximizing revenue and growth potential.

CSAT Trends
Track happiness trends to boost CX

Ever felt blindsided by a customer’s unhappiness? Monitor customer satisfaction trends for strategic adjustments. Tracking CSAT scores helps you to quickly address areas of concern, adapt services to meet client expectations, and build strong, lasting relationships.

Project Tracking
Micro project tracking for macro improvements

Project delays can tarnish your reputation and hurt client trust. By obtaining specific insights into progress, you can keep projects on schedule and allocate resources where they're needed most. This feature addresses the pain point of project delays head-on, enhancing your performance and ensuring client satisfaction.

Geographic Insights
Map your success, one region at a time

Stretching your resources too thin across geographic locations can lead to inefficiencies and subpar service. Analyzing the geographic spread of work allows for smarter distribution, tackling the pain of misallocated resources, and ensuring that your support strategy is both timely and effective, regardless of location.

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