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Activity Billing Hours

Welcome to the new way of managing timesheets!

Automated time traking
Eliminate the time-tracking burden for your service desk team

Streamline timesheet management by auto-logging work hours across tickets and tasks accurately, eliminating manual timesheet entries.

Billable vs. Non-billable Hours
Maximize earning potential by clearly identifying billable hours

Utilize a robust system that effortlessly differentiates between billable and non-billable hours, ensuring accurate customer invoicing.`

Defined Approval Process
Increase accountability with clear timesheet approval workflows

Establish a clear workflow for timesheet submissions and reviews, with the ability for managers to comment on rejected timesheets with reason.

Plug revenue leaks like never before!

Instant Notifications
Minimize follow-ups with real-time timesheet status updates

Never miss an update on timesheet activities, from submission to approval, minimizing manual checks.

Customer Mapping
Optimize billing precision with customer-specific time mapping

Associate time entries with specific customers to ensure that billing is accurate and reflective of the actual services provided, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Time Entry Verification
Minimize discrepancies in logged hours with QA

Incorporate Intelligent QA to verify the accuracy of time entry submissions, ensuring precise and reliable log records.

Smartly track and manage your Service Desk like never before!
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