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for modern day MSPs.

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Customer-first PSA that drives service excellence and profitability.

Deliver conversational support for Service Desk

Every service desk ticket from email, chat and Microsoft Teams are converted to direct chat for your tech that gets the job done faster and smarter. Simplify interactions, speed up resolutions, and enhance the support experience for everyone involved.

Support your customers on their own terms!

Our omni-channel ticketing solution helps you deliver support to customers right where they prefer- whether that’s email, chat app, MS Teams, or mobile. Let your customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing the medium they are comfortable with.

A better way of managing Projects

Get all your project planning, collaborations, conversations, and invoicing working together seamlessly.

Smartly plug your service delivery issues

Goodbye to tedious manual ticket checks for missing notes, work hours, SLAs, feedbacks, and more. The QA feature makes the helpdesk manager's life easier by providing auto insights on every ticket and task.

Centralize your contract management

Never overlook a renewal or expiry again! Plan them in advance by maintaining a unified system of customer contracts integrated with billing for easy invoicing. Effortlessly map contracts to customers, tickets, projects and time entries making billing workflow seamless and automated.

Billing made as easy as a Sunday morning!

Effortlessly integrate timesheet and contracts to streamline the auto calculation for an easy and precise billing experience.

Keep customers always in the loop!

Notify customers about outages and scheduled maintenance through our multi-channel announcement feature, enhancing trust and satisfaction. Say goodbye to overwhelming ticket bombardment during outages.

Connecting the dots with customers

Give the customer a modern experience for their support needs. ITConnect is a multi-platform application built for your customers to reach you via mobile, Teams, and desktop applications, and can effortlessly continue conversation between channels without losing context.

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