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N-able N-central Integration with DeskDay CSA

Integrate N-able N-central with our CSA software to efficiently map and manage assets and proactively deliver support for your customers quickly and easily. The integration significantly streamlines the management of devices and support services for MSPs, offering enhanced efficiency and saving valuable time and resources.

Key advantages of this integration include:
Efficient Ticket Management

Seamless conversion of RMM alerts into tickets in DeskDay, streamlining incident management for faster response and resolution.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Minimize downtime with real-time insights into system irregularities. With proactive measures, ensure issues are tackled before they escalate, enhancing operational efficiency.

Centralized Data Management

Say goodbye to toggling between tools. Our integration consolidates all asset data on a single platform, boosting productivity and collaboration across teams.

Seamless Customer and Device Mapping

Effortlessly map N-central devices to DeskDay users to identify the devices and users associated with alert tickets for faster resolution.

Direct Remote Control

Address issues directly from tickets with built-in remote control capabilities, drastically reducing resolution times.

Enhanced Conversational Support

Leverage our conversational chat features for smoother communication and quicker problem-solving within the team.

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