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Introducing Projects for MSPs by DeskDay
Bridging the gap in traditional project management: Introducing Projects for MSPs by DeskDay

While the MSP landscape constantly evolves, one thing remains constant: the critical importance of effective project management. It’s not just about meeting deadlines; it’s about efficiently managing tasks, achieving milestones on time, and ensuring that project quality isn’t sacrificed along the way. 

For MSPs, navigating through the thick of challenges and ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget reflects their commitment to customers and their core business obligations.

However, many MSPs are still tied down by legacy project management tools that:

Lack real-time collaboration: It’s like driving through fog, where every team member is unsure of what the other is doing.

Offer a confusing user interface: Feels like navigating a labyrinth every time a tool designed to make your life simpler is accessed.

Fail to evolve: With your evolving expectations, many tools still remain stagnant and dated.

Elevate Your Project Management with DeskDay

Here’s where Projects by DeskDay is about to change your project management game.

1. Seamless Collaboration with Real-Time Updates:

In many traditional project management setups, there’s an update lag. Team members might be working on outdated instructions, leading to repeated efforts, misaligned goals, and wasted resources. This disjointed communication can delay deliverables and increase the potential for errors.

DeskDay’s real-time update feature eradicates this information disparity. Everyone, regardless of their role or location, has access to live project updates, ensuring that the entire team operates with a synchronized understanding of the project’s status. This isn’t just about avoiding overlap; it’s about synergizing to achieve more.

2. Intuitive Project Tracking:

Without a clear tracking mechanism, projects can seem like vast, insurmountable mountains. Team members often lack clarity on priorities, leading to misallocated resources and inefficiencies. The overarching goal becomes hazy, causing misdirection and loss of purpose.

By breaking projects into precise milestones and tasks, DeskDay provides a clear roadmap. This clarity empowers team members, giving them a clear line of sight to both their immediate tasks and how it all aligns with the project’s bigger picture.

DeskDay Milestone screen

3. Project Templates:

Starting from scratch for every project is not just tedious but inefficient. The repetitive process of setting up similar tasks, milestones, and workflows for similar projects consumes time that could be better spent on execution.

Why reinvent the wheel? DeskDay’s project templates allow teams to capture the essence of successful projects and replicate them. This not only ensures consistency but drastically reduces the initial setup time for new projects. Efficiency and stability, all wrapped in one.

DeskDay Templates screen

4. Collaboration with Purpose through Chat:

In many project environments, communication can be directionless. Messages get lost in crowded inboxes, critical updates are buried in long email threads, and there’s no easy way to tie discussions between techs directly to project tasks or milestones.

With its intuitive chat function, DeskDay anchors every conversation to specific tasks or milestones. This ensures that every discussion is purposeful, relevant, and easy to reference in the future.

DeskDay Chat screen

5. User-Friendly Interface:

Many project management tools have steep learning curves. New users can spend days, if not weeks, trying to familiarize themselves, causing delays and potential errors in the meantime.

In DeskDay we believe tools should adapt to users, not the other way around. The platform is intuitive, ensuring that even first-time users can navigate with ease. This reduces onboarding time and lets teams get straight to the business of managing projects.

Taking it a Notch Higher

On the whole, Projects by DeskDay isn’t just another tool; it’s your partner in driving project success. It’s about transforming challenges into opportunities, and chaos into order.