Tackle tickets through Teams

Fast-track IT fixes with an additional channel for Microsoft 365 users!

ticket Raising
Raise tickets in no time

Raise a ticket with just three clicks—seamlessly integrated into Office, Outlook, and Teams. Say goodbye to work interruptions.

Ticket management
Effortless ticket management

Effortlessly sift through Board and List views for comprehensive ticket management. Empower your users with real-time status updates, boosting their trust in your support.

Direct chat
Swift solutions instantly

Chat directly with your support techs in Teams for real-time resolutions. Fast, personalized help that cuts down wait times.

Feedback that counts

Urge your users to share their support experiences right in Teams. Their insights drive your relentless refinement, ensuring that the support service evolves to meet user expectations more closely.

Ticketing with bots
Simplified ticketing with bots

Reporting issues through Teams is now as easy as a quick chat. Our bot simplifies ticket submissions, elevating efficiency and user satisfaction.

Consistent through every channel

Across IT-Connect, empower your users with seamless simplicity and efficiency!

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