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Introducing DeskDay Beta: The Future of PSA in the MSP Industry
Introducing DeskDay Beta: The Future of PSA in the MSP Industry

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry has long been a cornerstone of IT services for businesses of all sizes. However, over the years, a noticeable stagnation has set in, marked by a lack of innovation and a failure to adapt to the evolving needs of modern MSPs. 

It’s astonishing that many existing vendors are not bringing innovation and new product features to the market and are still running with 15- to 20-year-old solutions built before the rise of SaaS. 

Starting with traditional PSA, their ticketing systems and long wait times have become relics of a bygone era. 

As businesses continue to evolve, so must the tools they rely on. 

That’s why DeskDay came into existence.

DeskDay is an answer to the MSPs’ call for innovation, promising efficiency, immediacy, and a touch of humanity. Our mission is to bring innovation and the latest technologies to the industry, liberating MSPs from outdated vendors offering clumsy UI, half-baked solutions, unresponsive customer support, and unfavorable pricing and contract terms. 

DeskDay is not just a step but a leap in the right direction.

What is DeskDay?

Our journey to this vision has begun with our first product, a chat-based PSA, en route to a unified IT support platform powered by AI. Our revolutionary chat-based PSA, in its current Beta phase, is designed to transform how businesses handle IT support. It’s not just another tool; it’s a complete reimagining of the entire service desk experience. 

With DeskDay Beta, the focus shifts from cumbersome ticketing systems to real-time, interactive support, ensuring that businesses can address IT issues swiftly and efficiently.

What’s Exciting in DeskDay Beta?

DeskDay Beta isn’t just about chat; it’s packed with industry-first features designed to enhance the service desk experience without eliminating the legacy features and communication channels MSPs have used for a long time. 

  1. 3-click Ticket Creation

No more navigating through cluttered UIs! With DeskDay, creating tickets is a breeze. You can raise your ticket with our preset templates in just three clicks. Efficiency meets simplicity! 

DeskDay Ticket Creation
  1. Chat-Based Ticket Resolutions

Say goodbye to long email threads and unanticipated delays. Get notifications as soon as tickets are assigned to you. Reach out to users through chat for swift assistance and resolve those tickets promptly. Because when it comes to support, speed matters!

DeskDay Chat-Based Ticket Resolutions
  1. Concurrent Ticket Handling

Why handle one when you can manage more? DeskDay allows your Techs to tackle multiple tickets simultaneously via chat. Think of it as juggling multiple phone calls but without any additional resources.

DeskDay Concurrent Ticket Handling
  1. Project Management

Fed up with chaotic project timelines? With our projects, you get instant real-time updates, synchronized teamwork, and on-point task completion. No more budget overruns or missed deadlines. Experience streamlined project management with DeskDay. 

DeskDay Project Management
  1. IT Connect – Our End-User Application

Tired of unnecessary escalations? IT Connect bridges the gap between your users! Broadcast critical announcements directly to your users and let them get back to you on the updates. That’s not all! Users can now schedule time to connect and chat with your techs, ensuring a seamless and efficient support experience.

UltiMate - DeskDay End-User Application

  1. Intelligent QA – Upholding Support Standards

Set distinct QA rules that perfectly match the SLAs for every customer you serve and dive deep into the world of service quality with real-time insights. Track and analyze CSAT scores for each Tech and continuously refine your support game. 

DeskDay Intelligent QA
  1. Smart Onboarding

Say goodbye to tedious onboarding processes. If you have Office 365 integration, you can sync email IDs and passwords from your domain with just a few clicks, ensuring a smooth transition for your customers’ users. Onboarding made smart and simple!

DeskDay Smart Onboarding

The Roadmap Ahead

DeskDay Beta is just the beginning. Users can expect even more features like Billing, Reports, RMM, integrations, and improvements as DeskDay evolves into a unified IT support platform.