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Microsoft Teams Ticketing for MSPs : First-ever Built-in Multichannel Ticketing Experience

DeskDay’s IT-Connect for Microsoft Teams is a game-changer for managed service providers (MSPs). It seamlessly builds in a first-of-its-kind ticketing experience for MSP end-users directly between DeskDay CSA and Microsoft Teams (no API at all). 

This integration transforms IT support by using Microsoft Teams, which many organizations already use for real-time collaboration. It allows MSPs to offer IT support directly where their users already work, making the user experience smoother and helping MSPs grow their business by enhancing direct interactions within their customers’ main communication hub.

IT-Connect enables Microsoft Teams ticketing for MSPs by DeskDay

The problem with traditional ticketing systems

Traditional ticketing systems, although adept at cataloging IT tickets and tracking hardware issues, often result in a fragmented user experience. Typically, these systems require users to switch between emails and various user portals to keep tabs on their tickets. 

This not only leads to frequent communication breakdowns but also introduces significant delays and inefficiencies. Techs find themselves constantly switching contexts, which detracts from productivity and often pushes them to revert to informal, less traceable communication methods like direct calls.

Introducing the IT-Connect application for Microsoft Teams

IT-Connect app dramatically transforms this scenario by integrating directly into Microsoft Teams, providing users with a comprehensive set of capabilities that empower them to:

Initiate tickets: Directly from the Teams interface, users can select the IT-Connect app after installing and start creating tickets in seconds.  

Creating tickets Through Microsoft Teams IT-Connect Plugin

Manage ticket history: Users can track their ticket updates without ever leaving Teams, facilitating a smoother workflow.

Microsoft Teams enables you to see all the tickets data

Chat with tech: Users can handle their entire chat interaction within Teams, eliminating the need to juggle between different platforms.

Though Microsoft Teams, IT-connect enables you to chat with your Techs

Customize ticket handling: MSPs can customize forms by bringing in templates, categorizing tickets, and even deploying bots to better suit their operational needs.

You can customize the ticket handling through Microsoft Teams

Enhanced communication and reduced silos

By bringing support functions into the daily communication platform like Teams, IT-Connect eliminates the silo effect. With IT-Connect, all interactions and updates are centralized within Teams, significantly reducing the time spent navigating between applications.

Real-life impact: A tech-user scenario

Consider the case of Michael Brown, running a one-man MSP with a customer for whom he is responsible for ensuring the continuous operation and efficiency of ABC company’s network systems. His role demands swift and effective responses to a range of issues, from server outages to software malfunctions, typically received through a variety of channels, including emails and phone calls.

Michael’s day is typically fragmented as he shifts between different platforms to address each ticket or alert. This piecemeal approach not only stretches the response times but also increases the chances of missing critical tickets among the noise of routine communications.

With the integration of DeskDay IT-Connect into his users’ Microsoft Teams, Michael’s workflow is transformed. He can now:

Centralize tickets: His users can raise all tickets, whether they are about server issues or VPN updates, directly within Microsoft Teams. This consolidation drastically cuts down on their time spent switching between tools and allows Michael to address issues from one central hub, his service desk.

Streamline ticket handling: When a critical ticket arrives from the Teams app, Michael is immediately notified of it within the service desk. This allows him to start working on it depending on its urgency without leaving the platform.

Real-time chat with the user: As soon as he starts working on the ticket, he can open the ticket to view the entire context within the service desk and start the chat with the user. This also helps him to work on multiple tickets raised from multiple platforms concurrently without switching tabs. The chat he sent will be received in Teams for the user, where he can continue the conversation. 

Maintain continuous oversight: Real-time notifications and updates within Teams ensure that his user remains continually informed about the status of network issues and the responses being undertaken. This ongoing visibility enables him to continue working on the resolution without getting disrupted by unnecessary user interventions. 

This scenario showcases how DeskDay IT-Connect for Teams, integrated within Microsoft Teams, not only simplifies the management of technical support tickets but also enhances the responsiveness and effectiveness of critical operational roles. This transformation leads to significant improvements in system uptime and team efficiency, which are essential for maintaining the robustness of business operations.

Discover more about IT-Connect for Microsoft Teams

To learn more about how IT-Connect can transform your users’ Microsoft Teams experience into an efficient help desk, consider booking a live demo with our leadership. This is an opportunity to see firsthand how integrating IT-Connect with Microsoft Teams can elevate your MSP’s support system to new heights.