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CSA vs PSA: Which Is the Right Choice For Your MSP Business?
CSA vs PSA: Which Is the Right Choice For Your Managed Services Business?

Forget everything you know about customer service in the MSP sector. MSP businesses worldwide lose trillions annually due to subpar service experiences, highlighting a significant gap in the current landscape.

This stark reality, however, presents an unprecedented opportunity. The MSP market is ripe for a revolution, and the first mover to offer a consumer-grade support system isn’t just going to lead; they will dominate.

Here’s how DeskDay, with its Conversational Service Automation (CSA) — the next-generation PSA designed for MSPs — is set to lead you on a victory lap in the race to own the market.

  • Multi-channel chat support for your users

Emails and phone calls are so 1999, yet here we are, acting like they’re the pinnacle of customer support. Wake up and smell the change! IT-Connect, our built-in multi-channel customer portal, isn’t just about adding more ways to deliver support; it’s about crafting a seamless, integrated experience that meets customers on their turf – be it mobile, desktop, or Microsoft Teams. From a single screen within the Service Desk, manage the broad scope of multi-channel interactions your MSP customers prefer. Because you don’t need to be present everywhere to deliver omnichannel support. Imagine a world where switching support channels (e.g., from mobile app chat to desktop app chat) doesn’t mean starting over but continuing a conversation without missing any context.

IT-Connect is available as a mobile app, desktop app, and Microsoft Teams app to give customers an integrated ecosystem where they are comfortable accessing support, all at the same time without losing ticket histories while switching the apps. 

Ticket-specific context and collaboration histories ensure that picking up where a tech else left off does not feel like detective work and more like a relay race, where the baton is passed smoothly, keeping the pace of problem-solving swift and seamless. 

Welcome to the future of customer support, where the journey is as fluid as the solutions you provide.

1. Convenience and Accessibility: Customers can reach out through their preferred channels, like mobile, desktop, or Teams, increasing accessibility and streamlining communication.

2. Seamless Experience: Tickets and communication history are consolidated in the respective chat screen regardless of the channel used, ensuring a smooth experience and eliminating the need to repeat information.

3. Faster Resolution Times:  MSPs can leverage a chat-based multi-channel ticketing system to efficiently route inquiries to the technicians where they can have real-time chats with users, potentially leading to quicker issue resolution.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Studies show that multi-channel customer service leads to higher satisfaction due to the ease of communication and faster response times.

  • Conversational support experience 

Conversational support is gaining traction among MSPs as chat-based applications like Microsoft Teams and Slack become more integral to business communication. These platforms are reshaping customer expectations, with users increasingly preferring the immediacy and familiarity of messaging for resolving issues. As these chat apps become commonplace, MSPs are finding valuable opportunities to integrate conversational support directly within these environments, ensuring a seamless interaction experience that mirrors the daily communication habits of users.

By adopting a multi-channel approach to conversational support, MSPs can significantly enhance their service delivery. This strategy allows customers to engage with support services through their preferred channels, whether via traditional email and phone or more modern interfaces like chat apps. Such versatility not only improves accessibility and customer satisfaction but also boosts efficiency by enabling MSPs to handle queries across various platforms from a unified interface. 

DeskDay CSA, with its built-in customer portal, is all about maximizing efficiency and effectiveness without the chaos.

When it comes to DeskDay CSA, with our IT-Connect channels up and running, you’re all set to offer stellar support across desktop, mobile, and Teams, staying anchored in your DeskDay Service Desk—no more tool-swapping headaches. When a customer raises a ticket via any channel within IT-Connect, it pops right into the Service Desk. Your techs can dive into the full ticket context and customer details and start solving issues through chat within the service desk. 

Here are some benefits relatable to you that illustrate why this approach is so impactful:

1. Real-time Resolution: Conversational support platforms allow MSPs to offer real-time interactions, which can significantly decrease the time it takes to resolve issues. This immediacy can enhance customer satisfaction as users receive faster support and do not have to endure long wait times.

3. Increased Efficiency: With conversational support, MSP techs can manage multiple ticket conversations simultaneously without losing context or compromising on the quality of service. This multitasking capability significantly boosts the efficiency of support teams, leading to quicker resolutions and higher throughput in handling customer queries.

5. Scalability: As MSPs grow, the volume of customer interactions typically increases. Conversational support systems are highly scalable, enabling MSPs to handle a larger volume of tickets without a corresponding increase in support staff. This scalability is crucial for maintaining service quality as the business expands.

6. Proactive Service Delivery: Advanced conversational platforms can predict potential issues based on ongoing interactions and historical data. This proactive approach allows MSPs to address problems before they affect the client significantly, enhancing client trust and reducing the frequency and impact of IT issues.


DeskDay CSA is a shining example of what the future of Conversational Service Automation (CSA) for MSPs looks like, integrating cutting-edge PSA features into a robust, user-friendly platform. Its development focuses on embracing the rapid pace of transformation within the MSP space and anticipating the evolving needs of both users and service providers. By leveraging a future-ready approach, DeskDay ensures it remains relevant and efficient without needing constant, disruptive upgrades.

At the forefront of DeskDay CSA’s innovation is its Conversational and Multichannel capability. This ensures that communication remains fluid across multiple platforms, from Teams and email to mobile and desktop. By accommodating the diverse preferences of today’s users, DeskDay delivers support exactly where it’s needed, in the most convenient form for each user.

Next, the Chat-first Interface champions a seamless and efficient user experience. This design reflects the informal and direct style of modern communications, making it quicker for users to resolve issues and interact with support services. It’s all about keeping things light, fast, and effective—qualities that define excellent customer service today.

A Built-in Customer Portal further enhances user autonomy by allowing customers to manage their tickets and requests with real-time updates. This transparency builds trust and empowers users, reducing the strain on support teams and improving overall service satisfaction.

Lastly, the foundation of DeskDay CSA is its Microservices Architecture, which supports the seamless integration of new features and updates with zero downtime. This architecture is crucial for maintaining an agile and adaptable service platform that swiftly responds to technological advancements and changing business landscapes.

Together, these features position DeskDay CSA not just as a tool for today but as a sustainable, adaptable solution ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This platform is crafted not just to keep pace with the future but to define it, ensuring that MSPs can provide top-tier service in an ever-changing digital world.

With DeskDay CSA, you’re not just adopting a new tool; you’re revamping how IT support is delivered in the MSP space, making it more agile, integrated, and responsive to customer needs. 

Ready to see how it can transform your operations? Dive into our 14-day free trial and watch your IT service delivery soar to new heights. Let’s make IT happen effortlessly!